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Bringing Africans Back to Their Roots in Prayer and Faith


Our mission is to reclaim the wisdom of our ancestors, recognizing where we as African people veered off course. In our journey, we have unintentionally neglected the vital practice of appeasing our ancestors and, through them, seeking divine connection. Over time, external influences have led us to view our ancestors with unfounded disdain, falsely labeling them as evil or demonic due to the effects of indoctrination. Now, we must embark on a path of rediscovery, learning to pray and communicate through the profound guidance of our honored ancestors

At African Church of Africa, we provide a wealth of resources to support your spiritual journey. Our offerings range from guided meditations that foster inner peace to inspiring stories that uplift the soul. Our spiritual leaders possess unique gifts and innate abilities that empower them to bring about positive transformations in challenging circumstances. Through their inherent powers, they cleanse tormented souls and instill hope for a brighter future


Become a Member!!

Our allocated resources are dedicated to breaking the chains of ignorance that have plagued communities for far too long. These funds will be utilized to facilitate travel and teaching initiatives, reaching diverse corners of the world, including our beloved motherland Africa. With these resources, we aim to acquire teaching materials, conduct research, and preserve our rich cultural heritage.

Member Dues

Platinum Membership:$200 Annually

As a Platinum member, you will enjoy exclusive privileges such as direct access to question and answer sessions with our esteemed spiritual leaders and healers. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in scheduled prayers and receive blessings from our revered leaders.

Gold Membership:$150 Annually

Gold members will gain access to a wealth of knowledge through reading materials tailored to their spiritual journey. Moreover, for a nominal fee, they can request personal consultations with our spiritual leaders, fostering personalized guidance and support.

Silver Membership:$100 Annually

Our Silver members hold a special place within our community and will receive full inclusion in our services, events, and gatherings. Your participation and contribution as a Silver member are highly valued.


Flexible Membership: We understand that circumstances may change, and as such, you have the freedom to modify your membership status at any time. Whether you wish to upgrade, downgrade, or make adjustments, we are here to accommodate your evolving needs

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